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We usually represent Clients in the UK, USA, Europe or Latin America who wish to sell technology or business services companies and we have established a reputation for successfully selling privately owned companies run by a single owner or a team of shareholders. We function as a trusted advisor to our clients throughout the sale process until the transaction is completed.

A primary objective for us is to create competition among potential Buyers for the company we represent and to offer our Clients choice in terms of potential Buyers and offers. We utilize our strong research capability together with our knowledge, contacts and our international reach where appropriate to identify and contact as many potential Buyers as possible. It is important to us that we thoroughly understand the business strategy, objectives and requirements of our "Sale Mandates" prior to starting the project. We keep the Sale process confidential so as to protect the company and its market position, and we are very careful about the release of information to potential buyers ensuring first communications provide minimal information and then additional information is released only after further qualification and under a non-disclosure agreement.

Our approach is to work as a team both within Goldenhill and with our clients to keep their time, especially in the earlier stages, to a minimum so that management can stay focused on sustaining good operating results throughout the process, yielding the shareholders the benefits of a higher valuation with the ultimate sale.

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