SaaS roundtable hosted by Goldenhill
SaaS an area of focus and expertise for Goldenhill

LONDON - November 14, 2008 - Goldenhill Technology Advisors today announced on November 13th it organised and hosted a senior level roundtable event which focused on Software as a Service ("SaaS") which is an area of increasing importance to both providers and customers in the application software market. Goldenhill as a Technology M&A specialist, has considerable experience and interest in the continued development and deployment of the SaaS business model.

The roundtable, held in London, included a number of CEO and other senior level executives of UK and US-based software and services businesses. These executives ranged from those who are very experienced with SaaS as an offering and business, to those just embarking on the SaaS journey. The feedback from the participants was that the ideas, experiences and predictions shared amongst the attendees of the roundtable were valuable.

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