Our Clients
Our expertise and singular focus is providing M&A advisory services to technology and business services companies worldwide. Our Clients include:
.....• both private and public companies
.....• those who wish to sell their business or divest certain assets, divisions or
.......product/service lines within their business
.....• those who wish to acquire other businesses or key assets of other businesses

Our Qualifications
Our background, experience and expertise are in the areas software and technology-related services as well as in the human capital sector both in terms of our own operational background and our M&A projects. Because of our background and experience, we truly understand these businesses and can communicate effectively with our Clients as well as with potential Buyers or Sellers. In addition, having worked in such businesses ourselves it enables us to effectively position, present or evaluate technology companies in the best possible way.

Our Unique Value
We are a "Partner centric" firm. What this means for our Clients is that the Partners always lead and perform all or the majority of the work on our engagements ourselves. We believe strongly in providing highly skilled and professional services to our Clients directly from our Partners and very carefully selected affiliated professionals in certain projects.

We are also internationally focused in many of our engagements. This is due to our experience in international transactions. Our international presence and expertise is often of significant value to our Clients and to the success of our engagements.

About the team:
William Berrington
Chris Brooke
Kevin O'Neill
Carlos Ratto

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